+ More than 40 detailed instructional videos to help you not only understand, but master SEO like a pro. No technical jargon here!

+ Detailed SEO framework to help you scale your organic traffic, increase your revenue, multiply your affiliate sales and loyal email subscribers.

+ Step-by-step guides on how to effectively and efficiently research keywords you have a greater likelihood to rank for.

+ Detailed tutorials on how to write epic blog posts that attract and engage readers.

+ How to properly refresh old content.

+ BONUS content includes a done-for-you content calendar, SEO Progress Tracker, 4 SEO checklists and more!

Testimonial #1

WOW! I just went through the training and OMG. Thank you for providing so much detail. The course is truly amazing and I am so grateful for all of your hands-on assistance!

~ Yvette

Testimonial #2

I have been a qualified educator and course creator for 10+ years. The information you cover, and your seamless delivery, are so spot on.

~ Jessica

Testimonial #3

Anna, this is one of the best SEO courses I have ever taken. I am learning so much. You are so detailed. I had no idea there was so much I didn't know I didn't know. :)

~ Zoe

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